F01 Bluetooth smart lock

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high quality fingerprint  lock  with PULMOS brand.

1.Free users from mechanical keys:
2.Users management easy handing, quick add and delete user account, fingerprint &passwords
3.Powered by 4AA alkaline batteries
4.Three unlocking modes: password,smart card and Mechanical key
5.No computer process required,auto alert at low voltage

Friendly interface:
1.Users registration can handling directly on the lock interface
2.Mechanical keys for emergency use

Recommend to apply:
1.For residential and commercial use
2.Perfect substitution of traditional knob type door lock

Lock body:
1.Operating on the front of the lock
2.Integrated design allows easy installation

Metal construction prevent malicious damage and vandalism

You can set : ()
1.managing password (1)

2.unlocking password (50)
3.managing card (2)

4.unlocking card (200)

Two pattern of opening door as follows:
1.Freestanding Type: Suit for unlocking password or unlocking card can open door.
2.Combination Type: Only using unlocking password and unlocking card can open door.