hotel dedicated telephone s-012

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high quality hotel lock system with PULMOS brand.
★Automatic take-up function.
★Music on hold.
★Auto re-dial.
★Desk and wall mountable.
★Data socket.
★Professionally designed panel with hotel name and logo printed available.
★Compatible with the PBX of NEC, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, Alcatel, HUAWEI and others mainstream switches.
★ One-touch button(+12,+10、+8、+5、+3、+0).
★Flash time adjustble to fit different exchange and three way talk, standard flash time is 600ms.
★14 digits memory.
★Dual tones electronic ringing and volume 2 levels adjustable.
★Hand-free call volume multilevel adjustable.
★Thunder-proof and Anti-EMI design.
★Waterproof and moisture proof.
14. Step by step installation software, easy operation. OEM locking system available.
Classified Access Authorization for safety management.