Consortium blockchain platforms are used by two or more organizations to validate transactions, smart contracts, and more. Due to such blockchain platforms, international transaction approvals and other such activities have sped Blockchain Platforms up within the last few years. Hybrid blockchain platforms use characteristics of public and private blockchain. Organizations can establish such platforms to provide limited controls to their users over sharing the data.

7ype is a unique, forward thinking and innovative way for feature films to be financed by supporters and fans, which blends the… 1World Online offers a pre-built interactive media unit for publishers who wish to monetize and… 0chain is a free decentralized scalable cloud with sub-second finality, and self-forking capability to… Being indulged in the IT industry for more than 3+ years, I aim to offer up-to-date and latest knowledge on different technologies and trends setting the market. When I’m not working, I like to be near the outdoors surrounded by greenery.

list of blockchain platforms

As a result, these new blockchain platforms have risen in the cryptocurrency ranks, driven by their growing communities, unique selling propositions, and increase in valuations. In this article, we give a quick look at some of the notable blockchain platforms that will likely play crucial roles in the growth and future of the industry. However, the increase in network activity for Ethereum has also led to new problems and challenges to their capacity, such as record-high fees, slow transaction speeds, and more.

The blockchain platform is also turning out to be a game-changer for the Metaverse providing it with a secured platform to empower the idea of normalizing NFTs. Public blockchain platforms are the most common types of blockchain platforms you will come across. The platform is used and shared by the masses from all over the world. Cryptos like Bitcoin are the best examples of such blockchain platforms. However, public blockchains require a huge hardware infrastructure, and thus, they consume massive amounts of power. It is a big time free software that allows to completely commence and build an own secure, low-cost, run-anywhere applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.

A Complete List Of Top Blockchain Platforms 2020

It is a choice for many enterprises because of its scalability and easily fitting into your budget. Its exponentially developing features are helping organizations to save lots of time and problems. It is also pushing creativity and innovation by providing a decentralized environment.

list of blockchain platforms

Blockchain is a technology that could be sheared up by a common denominator called crypto. In detail, Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger that keeps track of every transaction that takes place across a peer-to-peer network. The IBM Blockchain developer tool was designed to be flexible, functional and customizable. IBM has also invested in creating a user-friendly interface to simplify critical tasks, such as setting up, testing and rapidly deploying smart contracts. The first one is Ring signatures that allow the sender to hide data & details among the group of users.

Every transaction on the ledger is valid through a digital signature, in the same way like Bitcoin. To increase security and facilitate transactions at a lower price, EOS leverages the power of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. A Proof-of-work algorithm powers Ethereum, and it is an open-source platform. Blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, operate privately or permissionless and can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.

How Blockchain Is Helpful To Business

BSC boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine , combined with the blockchain’s high throughput and 3-second block times. This means that Ethereum-native applications can conveniently switch over to BSC and take advantage of the faster speeds and lower fees. With its decentralized ledger, it can create a gaming platform where all users are actually able to play without any central authority limiting access or determining rules.

He sees the biggest opportunities in using it to link into enterprise cloud and legacy technologies more seamlessly than is possible in other decentralized networks. Get the lowdown on the major features, differentiators, strengths and weaknesses of the blockchain platforms getting the most buzz — and real-world deployments. Or, if you are thinking of building your next business app using a blockchain platform but are unable to decide where to outsource your work, no need to worry about it. In addition, we are also in the process of getting more information on a few of the above blockchain platforms in detail. If you have any idea that can help us improve this list of our blockchain platforms, then we would like to hear from you.

A blockchain development company can gear you towards the selection of the right blockchain development framework since they hold vast expertise in blockchain technology. XDC blockchain platforms were introduced primarily to enable enterprises to reduce costs and improve visibility by leveraging the great capabilities of blockchain technology. Digital Asset and IBM initially contributed to the Hyperledger Fabric platform as a result of the first hackathon.

list of blockchain platforms

Developers use Ethereum to build new applications related to financial apps, decentralized markets, games, cryptocurrency wallets, and more. So, if you are interested in blockchain development, visit BR Softech is helping organizations in blockchain platform development to lead the revolution of the blockchain-driven world. We have some of the most talented and highly qualified developers to build a secure and safe platform with high efficiency.

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TechGropse is a Mobile App Development Company with a strong team of highly skilled IT experts. Being a leading Mobile App Development Company, We have developed extended expertise in developing Native Mobile Apps for various segments. A few bumps along the way to integrate the software, but Swirlds team was attentive every step of the way. Stellar blockchain also has its native currency, name called Lumen. ServiceNow doubled down on its commitment to take the complexity out of digital transformation projects with a new version of its…

list of blockchain platforms

Tezos is a technology for deploying a blockchain capable of modifying its own set of rules with minimal disruption to the network through an on-chain governance model. Tendermint is an Application BlockChain Interface which powers the Cosmos Blockchain platform. You have to design the layout and the purpose of the car with Cosmos and Tendermint will power it with its engine. ICON provides a decentralized network that allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries. In simple words, It enables cross country payments through Blockchain without depending on Fiats. The experience of building over 100+ platforms for startups and enterprises allows Akash to rapidly architect and design solutions that are scalable and beautiful.

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IBM blockchain platform provides everything you need to build a business application. Furthermore, the platform also offers decentralized hosting and decentralized storage of applications with smart contract capability. Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform is designed for permissioned networks, enabling participants in a network to take part in the blockchain.

  • Blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, operate privately or permissionless and can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.
  • Businesses and organizations worldwide are adopting blockchain technology to ensure that their companies are running at a more excellent place.
  • As the platform provides an optional mechanism that enables “binding arbitration”, the smart contracts deployed with a list of public keys of arbitrators can be edited to fix errors or add new features.
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  • So, if you are interested in blockchain development, visit BR Softech is helping organizations in blockchain platform development to lead the revolution of the blockchain-driven world.
  • Users can buy, sell, trade and use virtual land in the form of crypto tokens, and then decorate and present the land as they see fit.

Co-founders of Tezos Platform, Kathleen Breitman and Arthur Breitman, have been building Tezos since 2014 with a core team of developers. Breitman conducted an ICO in 2016 and received $612,000 within 6 months. Stellar Consensus Protocol makes it possible to reach consensus without depending on a closed system for recording financial transactions. Having a set of provable safety properties, SCP optimizes for safety over liveness by halting the progress of the network until a consensus can be reached in case of misbehaving nodes or partition.

Thoughts On a Comprehensive List Of Blockchain Platforms To Look For

Launched as open-source software in June 2018, EOS is a blockchain platform founded by a private company, The company distributed one billion ERC-20 tokens to ensure widespread distribution of their cryptocurrency and allow anyone to use EOS blockchain after it was released. It is a simple and modularized distributed ledger system based on a highly secure and fast consensus algorithm called Yet Another Consensus, protecting Iroha networks from adversary nodes or failures. Being portable and supporting macOS and Linux environment, the platform is highly applicable for supply chain and IoT use cases. We have analyzed the different blockchain platforms used by top blockchain companies and have come up with a list of widely-used platforms for blockchain-based applications.

We have built projects and created PoC on different platforms and identified them based on their efficiency, scalability, and security. Ripple is another blockchain platform geared toward developing financial software applications. With the help of the Ripple framework payment providers, digital asset exchanges, banks, and any other business can be connected to the blockchain, facilitating the free provision of financial services.

I do have many positive experiences while using Blockstream products. If you are a developer, Blockstream provides most powerful and useful resources in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Overall Blockstream provides a wide range of service which will definitely help those who are working in IT field.

XDC has high interoperability with the legacy ecosystems and other blockchain networks. I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD – an Award-winning, app, web & game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company. Just like any other software component, smart contracts can be dynamically created in the Hedera Hashgraph platform. A permissioned network can be implemented using Hyperledger Fabric, allowing known identities to participate.

Working Process Of Blockchain Platforms

Hyperledger Sawtooth provides a modular and flexible architecture that separates the core system from the application domain. Therefore, smart contracts can imply the business rules for applications without understanding the underlying design of the core system. It supports different consensus algorithms, including Proof of Elapsed Time and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance . The global production of projects is expected to increase by 30% in 2022, according to statistics. In the future, blockchain technology will be highly in demand due to its wide adoption worldwide.

Stellar provides a means of creating, sending, and exchanging digital representations of a variety of currencies, such as the dollar, bitcoin, and so on. Blockchain technology was born with the advent of Bitcoin, and now it is regarded as the most prominent and mainstream technology available today in every sector. The platform OpenChain has been Developed by Coinprism, a company behind the colored coins standard Open Assets. The end user does not need to pay via micropayments to perform various tasks or send messages on the EOS platform.