Salam ,really dont getting surprized my friends,Saudis possess forbidden their individuals marry low Saudis

Yet , 50 years later who may have brought far more, who has got produced the most significant share technology and technical on sphere away from treatments, firearms or other areas

We wouldn’t let chuckling once i see “I would personally hence recommend, so you can decrease the problem and also in the newest heart regarding slanderous generalisation, one to Saudi males getting blocked away from Morocco, lest they use their website visitors visas to possess “most other purposes”.

They do say that people from other countries commonly usurp the people [marriage] to reside in a tax free country.I often imagine exactly what Muhammad [SAW] would say regarding it ,to have he previously many nationalities around him .Bilaal,Shuaib,Salman,Maria Qibtiyya ,Juhariyya [ RAA]. We have to not mistake Saudi/Wahabi Guidelines into the advice off Muhammad [SAW] . This is simply not Islam and you will against the prices away from Dawah/invite , people liberties ,womens rights , independence out of praise and you will moment. We might come across these kinds of phobic tendencies from the western industry to your Muslims not in the heart of Islam ,residential property out-of disclosure ,land away from Muhammad,homes from zam zam,land regarding kaba, residential property out-of maqame Ebrahim and the like .Thus toward Saudis exactly what 2nd? , prohibit every woman to perform hajj. wassalaam

Now they can not look-down to people who removed the brand new petroleum in it and you may militarily cover her or him, thus instead they look down on others out of poorer nations and point themselves away from low GCC Muslims as they do not need to talk about the responsibility off poverty one most other Muslim countries face

This is simply various other example of the brand new institutionalized discrimination confronted by the non GCC Muslims inside the Saudi Arabia. A nation you to states end up being Islamic yet , seems to skip the fresh Islamic thought of all are equivalent except for within the deeds – and you will the color, history and money having zero benefit in the someones quantity of position. The essential conceited of the rich are those that have reached tall riches because of heredity or luck, e.g lotto winners otherwise people who sit on oils that they do not have the grace to recuperate and necessary to promote by themselves to help you western businesses who possess the feeling and you can technical to recoup it. There is not any strong Turkish/North African/Afghan Muslim Kingdom, they have confidence in the protection of western whom protect her or him because of their oils riches and you will proper venue. Yes, Morocco features prostitution, that we need to add Marrakech is actually decreasing due to the recent financial her response boom, But many of your own customers are from Saudi, as well as the situation during the Bahrain and you can Dubai, now of a lot Saudi’s was heading to Thailand, regrettably in their mind there He is on researching stop of discrimination due to the fact cues discovering “Arabs (Gulf of mexico Arabs) and you may Indians are not greet” are at entry to a lot of bars. We have never ever educated discrimination regarding Saudi, however, items to create to almost any Saudi who appears upon one country is this: Israel and Saudi have been molded within the exact same time, both toward bare places, Saudi had the advantageous asset of petroleum locate nearly unlimited riches, Israel didn’t. Which nation gets the greatest infrastructure, literacy rates, and you can knowledge program, and that country provides top life conditions and you will possibilities for its average citizen and you may and therefore country is far more acknowledged ( not at all times appreciated). Then you may round area Saudis relevance so you’re able to two things Islam and you may Oils and absolutely nothing regarding one thing the folks has actually reached. 1) To possess 1200 years, are protected, suffered and you will handled because of the Muslim Empires only because off Makkah and you can Medina as well as updates since delivery place of Islam. 2) To possess 50 years might have been safe and aided because of the Us because of its oil.